Federal Electoral Tribunal backs Sodi and Orvanaños victories

The Federal Electoral Tribunal unanimously ruled in favor of the two PAN candidates who won elections for borough presidencies in Mexico City on July 5th, overruling the Federal District’s electoral tribunal (TEDF). The decision will allow Demetrio Sodi and Carlos Orvañanos to take office on October 1st as presidents of Miguel Hidalgo and Cuajimalpa delegations, respectively.  The TEDF had ruled that the candidates had surpassed the spending limits and that new elections should be called, from which the PAN would be disqualified. The Federal Tribunal ruled that the imputed value of a Sodi televised interview during the half time of a soccer game should not be charged against his spending limits. It also ruled that the TEDF had erred in calculating the total amount of spending of the Orvañanos campaign. (Reforma 9/28)

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