Gómez Mont calls for second round elections

In his formal testimony before the Chamber of Deputies, Government Minister Fernando Gómez Mont called for a political reform that would include several measures already promoted by PRI Senate Leader Manlio Fabio Beltrones, including mechanisms for enhanced citizen participation, such as plebiscites or referenda, the reelection of mayors and congressmen, reducing the size of Congress, and greater accountability. Gómez Mont also put on the agenda second round elections in the event that no candidate achieved a majority of the vote. “The search for greater governability demands that we analyze if the second round is a useful mechanism to consolidate political legitimacy in our country,” Gómez Mont said. Beltrones seemed to dismiss the second round proposal, saying that it would only create “artificial majorities” and increase costs. (Excelsior 9/18, Reforma 9/20)G

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