PRI demands cuts in bureaucracy

PRI Senate leader Manlio Fabio Beltrones demanded that the government make larger cuts in government spending as a condition for supporting the economic package. “The geometric growth in the top level bureaucracy in recent years, which we have documented, is evidence of the irresponsibility of conservative governments in the management of the public patrimony,” he said. The PRI in the Senate released a study showing that the headcount in the 23 agencies controlled by the President increased from 522,000 in 2004 to 644,000 in 2009 – up 23%.  Over the same period, the number of highly paid officials (those earning more than Ps. 100,000/month and receiving fringe benefits of more than Ps. 700,000 per year) increased from 4,612 to 7,568 – an increase of 64%. PAN Senate leader Gustavo Madero said the report was “worthy of study” and that the PAN and the government were prepared to review the size of the bureaucracy. (Excelsior 9/10-11, Reforma 9/13)

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