Pundits praise speech

Most political commentators praised the President’s speech:

  • Jaime Sánchez Susarrey: “Felipe Calderón made a radical course change. … The fundamental premises of the start of the government – to go for the possible changes, not to open too many fronts and to seek consensus among all the political forces – have been thrown overboard. Today, the proposal is to go for an integrated program of fundamental changes.” (Reforma 9/5)
  • Ricardo Alemán: “Not only the best piece of oratory of [Calderón’s] government, but also the most intelligent political strategy, since circumstances have put him on the ropes…. No one can deny the self-criticism of the speech, or the importance of the change in direction in priorities and strategies. … The President recognized that the reforms approved during the first half of his government – the possible reforms – have failed and that he needs to resume the course begun in 1996: the desirable reforms.” (Universal 9/6)
  • Leo Zuckermann: “Finally, after a long wait, the President defines himself: he wants to be a relevant political actor. He understands the gravity of the situation and, as a result, he’s going for all the marbles…. The rhetoric will have to be transformed into specific actions. … We will see how much Calderón is thinking of pursuing the fundamental changes. For the time being, he declared that he wants to join the battle. That by itself is an excellent signal.” (Excelsior 9/3)

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