A divided PAN elects Nava as party chief

The PAN national assembly elected former presidential private secretary César Nava as the new party president to serve out the term of Germán Martínez, who resigned after the July 5 elections. Nava was the sole candidate, and the vote was 290 in favor, with 39 against and 19 abstentions. Another 23 assembly members, including Nava opponents Diego Fernández de Cevallos and former President Vicente Fox, did not attend. Three Nava opponents were given seats on the central committee: Ricardo García Cervantes, Héctor Larios, and Humberto Aguilar. In addition, Aguilar and Javier Corral were elected to the “Committee of Reflection” that will analyze the causes for the PAN’s poor performance in the election. (Universal 8/9)

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