Supreme Court to investigate ABC day care fire

By a vote of 8-3, the Supreme Court established a commission headed by two circuit court judges to investigate whether there were any violations of constitutionally guaranteed individual rights by public officials in the ABC day care center fire. The six month investigation, which will not determine legal liability, will run parallel to the ongoing criminal and administrative investigations of the fire that killed 49 children. El Universal editorialized, “Against the feeling that few things in Mexico ever really change, the Ministers of the Supreme Court have shown … that there is space for justice in this country….This could open up a new era in the relationship between the judiciary and the governed.” The decision is controversial. Court Minister Sergio Aguirre Anguiano warned that the Court is not an ordinary tribunal that can impose sanctions or provide for reparations. “We ought not to risk the court in exercising the powers of [constitutional] Article 97 and bring new life to the verse of [the Roman poet] Horace: ‘Let the mountains labor with great noise and give birth to a ridiculous mouse,’” Aguirre said.  (Reforma 8/6, Universal 8/7)

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