Investigation of Pemex thefts

Seventy agents from the Federal Police and Justice Ministry staged a full day raid on the Pemex office responsible for the physical security of the oil company’s facilities.  All 800 employees of the department were sequestered while agents seized files and computers and carried out interviews as part of an investigation of widespread thefts of everything from crude oil to jet fuel. Pemex officials estimate that thefts of refined products, including tapping pipelines and hijacking tanker trucks, was the equivalent of one-fifth of Pemex’s import requirements. The ‘milking’ of products is estimated to have grown 10% last year, and to have cost the company Ps. 9.3 billion last year. President Calderón blamed the “enormous bloodletting” on organized crime.  (Reforma 7/30, 7/31, Universal 7/31)

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