Poll: Citizen discontent measured

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A private exit poll carried out by Fundacion Este País, ITAM, and several other institutions sought to measure voter sentiment. The poll surveyed more than 22,000 voters, and sought to distinguish the differences between those who annuled their vote (about 9% of the sample) and those who voted for a party or candidate. The survey found a significant difference on the opinion of how well Mexico’s democracy worked between those who voted (5.8 on a 10-point scale) and those who annuled (4.8). The nullification group also felt significantly less represented by their congressman (61% said they were not represented, as compared to 47% of the larger group.)  About three-quarters of the entire sample had never received any communication from their congressman, and about two-thirds could not name their Deputy. Neither group was optimistic about the newly elected congressmen fulfilling their campaign promises.

Significant majorities were in favor of reducing the number of seats in Congress, but only about half favored proposals such as reelection and independent candidates.

A summary is available on Excelsior, and the full survey is available here.

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