PAN: ‘Worst defeat in the party’s history’

The PAN started the process of electing a new party leader to replace Germán Martínez and rebuild after July 5.  Senator Santiago Creel published an open letter calling the election “the worst political defeat in the history” of the PAN.  He said, “We haven’t known how to combat intelligently the old regime.… We should recognize that the old authoritarian system continues in full force, and at times with renewed vigor or – as they say – with a ‘new attitude.’…We have protected governors that committed acts that the most basic sense of ethics should have caused us to repudiate and used every legal method to remove them from power.… We have defended union, peasant, and economic groups that are the corporatist, clientelistic, and anti-democratic pillars of the old regime.” (Reforma 7/13)

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