Update: Local elections

  • PAN candidates, led by Demetrio Sodi, won three of the 16 Mexico City boroughs, a gain of one compared to 2006. The PRD won 12 boroughs, and the PT one.
  • In the borough of Iztapalapa, “Juanito,” the AMLO-supported candidate of the PT, upset the official PRD candidate by a margin of 31% to 22%. PT candidates to the Chamber and DF Legislative Assembly from Iztapalapa also won. AMLO will continue to have a strong base.
  • The PRI had overwhelming victories across Mexico State, winning control of 95 of the state’s 125 municipalities, including every large city. Cities that had been under PAN control (such as Naucalpan) or PRD control (Ecatepec, Nezahualcoyótl) returned to PRI control.

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