Update: Chamber of Deputies election

  • Chamber of Deputies VoteThe PRI’s nationwide share of the Chamber of Deputies vote was 39.2% (based on the quick count of 98% of the polling places), with an almost 10 point margin over the second place PAN.
  • Reforma estimates that the PRI will have 237 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. To command an absolute majority, they will need only bring along the PVEM contingent (21 seats).
  • Chamber of Deputies SeatsIn the most closely watched individual Chamber race, PAN candidate Gabriela Cuevas, the former borough president of Miguel Hidalgo in Mexico City, beat Ana Guevara of the PRD.
  • The Left fared poorly. The share of the vote going to all leftist parties was 20.6%, compared to 31.9% in 2006.  The PRD won only 13.0% of the valid vote (and an estimated 72 seats), while the PT, now López Obrador’s de facto party, did better than expected, with 4.0% of the votes and 13 seats.
  • Voter participation rate was 44.7%, higher than the typical mid-term election. Null votes and votes for non registered candidates were 5.6% of total ballots cast in the congressional election, compared to 2.8% in 2006. The predicted repudiation by voters of the political system did not materialize at the national level, although it was important in some urban areas (the null vote was 10.8% in Mexico City).
  • The Social Democrats (PSD) appear destined to lose their registration, but the other small parties appear to have crossed the 2% threshold.

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