PRI comes close to working majority in Chamber

  • Chamber of Deputies Vote

    Chamber of Deputies Vote

    With quick count results from 95% of the casillas, the PRI looks to have captured 39% of the valid vote, with an almost 10% margin over the PAN.

  • Reforma estimates that the PRI will have 233 seats in the Chamber of Deputies. To command an absolute majority, they will need only bring along the PVEM contingent (22 seats).
  • Chamber of Deputies Seats

    Chamber of Deputies Seats

    The Left fared poorly. The share of the vote going to all leftist parties was 20.6%, compared to 31.9% in 2006.  The PRD in particular did poorly with only 12.9% of the valid vote (72 seats), while the PT, now López Obrador’s de facto party, did better than expected, with 4.1% of the votes and 13 seats.

  • Voter participation rate was 45%, higher than the typical mid-term election. Null votes were 5.4% of total ballots cast, compared to 2.8% in 2006. The predicted repudiation by voters of the political system did not materialize.

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