Another high-profile kidnap victim murdered

A botched rescue effort by Mexico City’s elite anti-kidnap squad resulted in the deaths of four persons, including the kidnap victim. Yolanda Cevallos Coppel was part of the Coppel family with interests in real estate and retailing. She worked at a private rehab clinic owned by the family in Mazatlán and had been kidnapped about four days ago. Two senior police official were killed in the rescue attempt. Ms. Cevallos was reportedly killed by her kidnapper, Armando Gutiérrez Solís, in the course of the rescue operation, and who then committed suicide.  Noted the Bajo Reserva column in El Universal:

The assassination of Yolanda Ceballos Coppel, a member of one of the most influential families in the Pacific region, could become the drop that makes the glass of impatience of the business class overflow. The affair could become a scandal similar to the killing of young [Alejandro] Martí.

(Reforma 7/5, Universal 7/4)

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