Beltrones pitches for political reform

PRI Senate coordinator Manlio Fabio Beltrones published a Reforma oped that endorses a sweeping political reform agenda, while at the same time saying the elections will mean “the end of divided and the beginning of shared government.” As Beltrones lays them out, the eight points are:

1. Ratification of cabinet members by the Senate. This will ensure that the leaders of the institutions will be the most capable and honest Mexicans, not just those who are closest and most loyal.

2. Reduction in the size of the Congress. No proportional election seats in the Senate, and a reduction of 100 Deputies of proportional representation.

3. Immediate reelection of legislators and municipal officials, in order to make politics a profession and to bring representatives closer to their electors.

4. Reorganization of the Federal Government, in order to reduce outlays, avoid duplication, and make the government work better and cost less.

5. Popular referenda on transcendental constitutional questions, in order to integrate citizen participation in national affairs.

6. Revocation of mandates, with sufficient limitations to prevent the abuse of this citizen instrument, in order to return to the people the ability to demand accountability from those who govern.

7. Accountability, giving to the Superior Auditor of the Federation broader powers, and making it the sole responsible body for combating governmental impunity, negligence, and corruption.

8. Modern economic regulation, with functional and operational autonomy for the Cofetel, Cofeco y Cofemer, in order to recover the guiding role of the State.

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