10 questions the elections will answer

Leo Zuckermann poses 10 questions to be answered by the July 5 elections:

1. Will the PRI get a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. They will need to win 167 of the 300 direct election seats and 42.2% of the national vote to do so.

2. Will the PRI, together with their traditional ally the Green Party, get the majority?

3. Will the PAN get the minimum 168 Deputies needed to keep a veto on the approval of the annual expenditure budget?

4. Who many deputies will López Obrador control, including his supporters in the PRD, the PT, and Convergencia.

5. Depending on the aswers to the previous questions, how weakened will the President be for the second half of his term?

6. How far down will the PRD fall?  Will they go back to their historical average of 15-18%.

7. Who will win the gubernatorial election in Nuevo León, the ‘crown jewel’ of this election?

8. How much impact will the fire in the ABC day care center have on the gubernatorial election in Sonora?

9. What will happen in Iztapalapa? Will Los Chuchos or the Pejistas win?

10. How large will be the protest movement against the parties? Will it be just an elite movement, or will it get significant support from the citizenry?

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