Citizen pressure for reform increases

Alejandro Martí, the head of the organization Mexico SOS that he founded after the kidnap-murder of his son, launched a new program called “My Vote for your Commitment.” He is calling on voters to support only candidates that sign notarized pledges to support a package of security and democratization reforms. Martí was joined by Ana Franco, the head of Mexico United Against Crime and Meyer Klip, the head of the Citizens Council for Public Safety in making the announcement.  The organizations plan to publicize which candidates have taken the pledge prior to the July 5 elections.  (Reforma 6/15)

For candidates for legislative seats, the platform includes:

• Eliminate the restrictions on political speech that were enshrined in Article 41 of the Constitution.

• Expand the professional civil service at levels of government.

• Adopt methods of direct citizen consultation, such as plebiscites, referendums, or citizen ballot initiatives.

• Allow for the re-election of deputies, senators, and mayors, while also allowing for referendums or recall elections based on performance.

• Eliminate the proportional representation seats in the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

For candidates for governor or mayor, the platform includes commitments to make improvements in performance based crime indicators – or be willing to resign. The measures are:

1.- Reduction in indexes of crime for kidnapping, extortion, robbery, and murder.

2.- Increase in levels of direct citizen complaints filed with the public prosecutors office.

3.- Reduce the conditions that are conducive to crime, such as:

• Streets that are clean, maintained, and well lit.

• Constant and consistent police patrols.

• Mechanisms for making alarms and getting rapid response to crime

• Secure schools and roads.

• Control of nightclubs, black markets, and hot spots of corruption.

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