PAN candidate acknowledges negotiating with cartels

Reporte Indigo published audiotapes of Mauricio Fernández Garza, the PAN candidate for mayor in San Pedro Garza García, the home of many of Monterrey’s major corporations. Fernández Garza is heard stating during a private lunch meeting that family members of the Beltrán Leyva cartel live in San Pedro, that they are as responsible as the authorities for the low crime rate by keeping the rival Los Zetas out, that the Beltrán Leyvas are ‘in agreement’ with the town’s public security plan, and that authorities accept drug dealing as long as it is not done in the open. Reporte Indigo editor Ramón Alberto Garza argues, “These revelations … are a direct hit at the political waterline of the PAN. … We have here a PANista confessing to negotiating with one of the most powerful cartels. And this isn’t the candidate in some forgotten hamlet. Fernández Garza … is a person of the highest political and economic profile in … Monterrey, the national enclave of panismo.”  Fernández Garza said his comments were misinterpreted and denied ever negotiating with the Beltrán Leyvas. (Reporte Indigo 6/12, Universal 6/12)

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