Vote nullification campaign gains momentum

Nullify your voteA viral Internet campaign calling on voters to spoil their ballots in the July 5 elections is forcing the political establishment to respond. Reforma posted a gallery of YouTube videos from the different organizations. Writer Lydia Cacho is one of many opinion makers joining the movement: “I will leave my ballot blank. Although there is no legal validity in a blank vote, even though the parties say it will be a null vote, they know very well what the message is: ‘I am not your accomplice, you do not deceive me, you cannot use me, your candidates don’t represent me….To cast a blank ballot is civic action, an act of liberty.”  The IFE and the parties are planning on holding several forums specifically oriented to counteract vote nullification. (Universal 6/1, 6/7, Reforma 6/7)

Some of the websites are:

Vota en blanco
Anulo mi voto
Tache a todos
Abstención/Voto nulo 2009

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