Day care tragedy points to official corruption

As the death toll at the ABC day care center fire in Hermosillo, Sonora reached 41 (with dozens still in critical condition), outrage over the tragedy mounted. The day care center was in a former factory building in an industrial zone—clearly inappropriate for children. It was a Social Security Institute (IMSS) facility, but outsourced to a private company.  Daniel Karam, the head of the IMSS, said in a press conference that the facility passed its last safety inspection on May 26th, but neighbors and parents contradicted his every statement. Columnist Ricardo Alemán called for the resignation of Karam as well as Governor Eduardo Bours and Hermosillo mayor Ernesto Gándara (both PRI), but predicted that nothing would happen: “We are in Mexico, where official impunity rules!” Sonora will have gubernatorial, state congress, and mayoral elections in July.  (Reforma 6/7, Universal 6/7)

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