Gómez Mont responds to critics of Michoacán sweep

Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont answered critics of the massive operation last week in Michoacán during a press conference–only the second one of his tenure. 

The operation was carried out in order to close off any room for maneuver by the criminal organizations that seek to entangle, corrupt or pressure public officials. It was an action taken by the federal Government to support politicians and to say that we are here to defend politics from financial pressures or the extorsions of organized crime. … The timing of an investigation is set by the need to protect the innocent, to avoid alerting the guilty, and not to confuse society. The federal Government has the support of the state governments, and in this case the Governor of Michoacán has stated that this operation was necessary; I am in contact with [Governor] Leonel Godoy and he makes it his job not to slow down or frustrate [the investigation]. (Reforma 5/31)

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