Massive drug sweep in Michoacán strikes PRD hardest

In an unprecedented operation, federal police and the Army arrested 30 state and local officials in Michoacán for giving protection to the La Familia cartel. Those arrested included ten mayors (6 from the PRI, 2 PRD, and 2 PAN), a judge, and several police chiefs. The most prominent state official arrested was Citlalli Fernández, the former Secretary of Public Security of the state and close advisor to  Governor Leonel Godoy. The arrests were a deep blow to the PRD, which views Michoacán as one of its key bastions. Godoy was not given any advance notice of the sweep; only the next day did Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont state clearly that neither Godoy nor his predecessor, Lazaro Cárdenas Batel, was a target. PRI and PRD leaders met urgently with Gómez Mont the next day. PRD party president Jesús Ortega said, “We made clear to the Secretary that the PRD will not allow an issue of such importance as public security … to be used for electoral purposes.” This was the first time during the Calderón government that PRD leaders have visited the Ministry of Government offices.  (Universal 5/27, Excelsior 5/29)

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