Parties unite in rejecting Zedillo’s call for fiscal reform

Former president Ernesto Zedillo said in a speech that the economic measures taken to date were inadequate and that Mexico needed a new fiscal reform. He said:

We have to carry out a definitive fiscal reform, that gives financial solidity to the Mexican State, and enables it to carry out its responsibilities….Unfortunately, the petroleum wealth, that has given us so much has, in certain measure, also taken much from us. It has taken away our willingness to face responsibly the recognition that we are a country with needs.”

Congressional leaders of all three parties united in attacking Zedillo. PRI Senate leader Manlio Fabio Beltrones called his statements “verbal incontinence.”  Senator Carlos Navarrete of the PRD said that “Zedillo is mistaken in his diagnosis; he contributes very little with his opinion.”  Emilio Gamboa, PRI leader in the Chamber, said Zedillo was “irresponsible.” His PAN counterpart Héctor Larios said, “The tax laws, without any doubt, need to be reformed, however it’s not prudent or appropriate to revise them in the middle of a global economic crisis.” (Reforma 5/18, 19)

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