Security officials arrested; new narco banners appear

The recently ousted Minister for Public Security of Morelos state,
Luis Ángel Cabeza de Vaca, and the police chief of Cuernavaca,
Francisco Sánchez González, were arrested by the organized
crime unit (SIEDO) of the Justice Ministry which is investigating
narco penetration in the state by the Beltran Leyva cartel. SIEDO
has carried out a series of sweeps since May 6. Separately, socalled
narco banners appeared in prominent public spaces at least
10 states, many signed by the La Familia cartel. The messages
were directed against President Calderón, Security Secretary Genaro
García Luna
, and other security officials. In Cuernavaca, a
police commander and three other officers were arrested for personally
putting up the banners on behalf of the Beltran Leyvas. (Reforma
, AP 5/17, Universal 5/18)

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