Ebrard ‘unveils’ himself as presidential candidate

In a Spanish-language Reuters interview, Mexico City mayor
Marcelo Ebrard publicly acknowledged his desire to be President in
2012: “I always say: Why not? It depends on the work that we carry
out [governing Mexico City] and the results that we achieve.” He
said the most likely scenario was a contest between himself and
Mexico state governor Enrique Peña Nieto. Ebrard said that, as
president, his principal objectives would be to rein in the power of big
business, including Carlos Slim and Televisa, and to close the income
gap between the richest and poorest parts of Mexico. Noted
the Templo Mayor column: “Marcelo appears to be following the
strategy of [Vicente] Fox: unveil oneself three years in advance.”
The Bajo Reserva column argued: “If anyone doubts the distance
between Marcelo Ebrard and his sometime patron, Andrés Manuel
López Obrador
, his statements … confirm it in spades. What Ebrard
did was much more than an unveiling: the interview outlined the
foundations for a government. Curiously, the ‘Chuchos’ [the PRD
faction controlled by Jesús Ortega and Jesús Zambrano] were calm
the day after, while the lopezobradoristas were beside themselves.”
(Reuters Mexico 5/14, Universal 5/15, Reforma 5/18, Universal 5/18)

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