de la Madrid interview excerpts

Following are some of the key interchanges in Carmen Aristegui’s interview with former President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado.  The audio and a transcript of a portion is available on Reporte Indigo:

Carmen Aristegui (CA): What disappointed you most about Carlos Salinas?

Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado (MMH): Principally, the immorality that there was with respect to money.


CA: Do you believe that Salinas was conscientious, honest?

MMH: He committed serious errors.  The worst was corruption, and above all, that of his brother.


CA:  Since when did Raul Salinas have links with narco trafficking?

MMH: Starting with the government of his brother.

CA: Do you know with which cartels?

MMH: No.

CA: But you had intelligence information that spoke of his relationship with drug trafficking?

MMH:  Yes.

CA: Does Raul Salinas still have ties with drug traffickers?

MMH:  I wouldn’t know.


CA: Is justice an obstacle to exercising power in Mexico?

MMH: Sometimes, yes.

CA: Is impunity a necessary condition for the machinery continuing to work in Mexico?

MMH: Yes.

CA:  What you are saying is huge; it’s dramatic.

MMH: Yes.


CA: Who is Carlos Salinas? Use three words?

MMH: He is complicit in the crimes of his brothers and sister. 

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