Poll: PRI support edges back up

Click to enlargeAfter several months of declining support for the front-running PRI, the latest El Universal poll (published 5/11)shows that its support edged back up.  The nationwide survey, carried out from May 1-5, gives the PRI a 32.6% to 26.8% lead over the PAN.  The PRI’s advantage increased to 5.8%, compared to 2.9% last month. Support for the PRD hit a new low of 9.5%. More than a quarter of respondents are still undecided.

Overall, 29.4% of respondents said they would never vote for the PRD — more than double the rejection rate for the other two large parties. Almost half of self-identified PAN supporters said they would never vote for the PRD, while PRD supporters were even more hostile to the PRI than to the PAN.

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