Timeline on influenza response

Following is a timeline of events, pieced together from a variety of sources, including President Calderón’s interview yesterday and the Health Ministry’s press release on the response to the epidemic.

3/18: Health authorities in Mexico City note increase in “Influenza like illnesses” (ILI)
4/11: WHO & PAHO seek info on outbreak in Perote, Veracruz; Government responds the next day
4/13: Death of adult woman in Oaxaca; later confirmed as first known H1/N1 fatality.
4/17: Epidemiological alert issued to health professionals for “seasonal flu & atypical pneumonia.”
4/18: Government issues public health alert
4/21: H1N1 case identified in California (U.S.)
4/22: Mexico sends lab samples from Oaxaca & Veracruz to Canada for analysis
4/23: Lab confirms H1/N1 flu; Govt. issues health alert. Schools closed in Mexico City and surrounding cities.
4/24: Govt closes public facilities in Mexico City; weekend masses and soccer games held without public
4/25: President invokes emergency health powers
4/26: President addresses nation; puts death toll at 81
4/27: Schools ordered closed nationwide until May 6; WHO raises pandemic alert level to 4
4/28: Ministry of Health starts presenting data based of definitive lab tests; death counts revised downward
4/29: WHO raises pandemic alert level to 5; date of last known death (as of today); mandatory screening of international air passengers imposed; Govt. declares Monday, May 4 a holiday, creating a 5-day weekend.
5/3: Health Minister José Angel Cordova says, “The epidemic is now in its phase of descent”
5/6: Confirmed death toll from H1N1 influenza stands at 26.

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