Signs of normalcy start to emerge; schools to reopen

flu-toll-0504amWith the definitive lab tests for the H1N1 influenza virus showing stabilization in the outbreak, the government began relaxing some of the restrictions on public life. In an extensive interview, President Felipe Calderón cautioned, “to the extent that we are seeing fewer cases each day, it is a reflection that we are doing the right thing … If we let down our guard, the virus, which continues to circulate, will probably rebound.” The President and the state governors met today to discuss the next steps, and agreement was reached to reopen secondary schools on the 7th and primary schools on the 11th. In the capital, the Federal District government also authorized restaurants to reopen on the 7th if they adhere to safety guidelines, although nightclubs and other evening venues will remain closed.  (Presidencia 5/3, Reforma 5/4)

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