Political power falls ill?

El Universal columnist Ricardo Alemán finds much to fault with all the major political actors in their response to the swine flu epidemic.

Of the President, he asks: “Where is Calderón during the biggest emergency of the first third of his government? … The weight and responsibility of being the public face … has fallen to José Ángel Córdova, the Secretary of Health—of impeccable appearance—but whose message is far from ‘warmth, hope and comfort’ that the citizens hope for. … The magnitude of the emergency and the social anxiety demands a President with feelings, who in addition to working in his office can come down to where mere mortals are trying to overcome their fears.”

On Mexico City’s mayor Marcelo Ebrard: “The spotlight of an epidemic showed him ill prepared.” Through frenetic action “he seeks to turn himself into the savior of the capital’s people, but only displays the whims of a petty tyrant.”

And on the Fidel Herrera, PRI governor of Veracruz (where the epidemic appears to have started) : “The viceroy of Veracruz, put on a circus to divert attention away from the possible source of the virus: the multinational pork producer Carroll’s Food located in Perote. The federal sleuths are closing in. It’s said that ‘the king of loyalty’ could go down if it’s confirmed that he hid the outbreak.” (Universal 4/30)

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