Hidalgo awarded new Pemex refinery – with conditions

Pemex announced that the new US$9 billion refinery will be located in Tula, Hidalgo. The award was a blow to PANistas who lobbied hard for Salamanca, in PAN-controlled Guanajuato. Ten states had submitted proposals for siting the refinery. The award came with the condition that Hidalgo deliver at its own cost a 700 hectare site near the existing refinery within 100 days. Governor Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong (PRI) assured that it could be done. Some observers worried that intransigent communal landholders (ejiditarios) could scuttle the project. Others opined that the refinery would be re-awarded to second place Guanajuato after the 100 days. Guanajuato Governor Juan Manuel Oliva was quoted as saying: “The refinery will eventually come to Salamanca, and we know how to wait.”  (Reforma 4/15, Pemex 4/15, Universal 4/15)

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