PAN and PRD clash on capital’s water crisis

Drought conditions and a failed valve caused the national water commission
Conagua to order a 36-hour shutdown of water to Mexico
City from the reservoir system that supplies one-fifth of the city’s
drinking water. Between two and four million residents experienced
reductions in supply. Before the shutdown, Conagua head José Luis
accused Mexico City mayor Marcelo Ebrard of sowing panic:
“If there is a total lack [of water] it will not be because of the cuts, but
because of the poor distribution by the Government of the Federal
District.” Ebrard responded that his government only repeated warnings
received from Conagua. The city dispatched 500 water trucks to
the affected neighborhoods. Columnist Sergio Sarmiento noted, “No
tragedy has been as foretold as that of water. … Both the panista
federal government and the perredista government in the capital
seem more interested in using water to win votes than to ensure the
well being of the inhabitants of the Valley of Mexico.” (Universal 4/8,
Reforma 4/8, 4/10)

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