Top operator for Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas captured

The authorities captured Sigifredo Nájera, 24, known as “El Canicón,” who is said to be the top operator for the Gulf Cartel and their Los Zetas paramilitary wing in Nuevo Leon. Nájera is wanted for the killings of nine soldiers last November, as well as for the grenade attacks on the U.S. consulate and Televisa studios in Monterrey. The Templo Mayor column eulogized the government’s actions: “The capture of the leader of Los Zetas in Nuevo León … makes clear one more time that in the war against the narcos the Army today is very different from previous administrations. First is effectiveness. In just a few months, the troops have struck hard at organized crime with high level arrests such as ‘El Hummer’ and ‘El Vicentillo,’ during operations that reflect intelligence work and a new ability to carry out urban missions that, so far, have left civilians unharmed. The second is even handedness. The Army, as never before, has been hitting the two strongest criminal gangs equally, with the rhythm, ‘Gulf [cartel],’ ‘Sinaloa [cartel],’ ‘Gulf,’ ‘Sinaloa,’ in a way that almost seems planned.” (Reforma 3/20, 22)

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