IFE gives broadcasters a second pass for manipulating ads

The Federal Electoral Tribunal overturned the controversial 5-4 IFE ruling in February that cleared the two TV broadcasters for their ‘atypical’ manipulation of electoral ads during the precampaign season, which ended March 11. The IFE board convened after the order and again ruled, this time 5-3, to waive fines on the broadcasters. Columnist Miguel Angel Granados Chapa thundered, “The IFE Board showed without even blushing that it has been captured by some of those it is supposed to regulate. …. The second time around, obliged by a judicial order not to evade its legal responsibility, the Board denied the obvious, the un-hideable reality: that election ads were manipulated.” (Excelsior 3/12, Reforma 3/14-15)

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