Monthly Archives: January 2009

Newsletter, Jan. 21-26

January 26 newsletter

  • Prominent Chiapas official arrested

  • Congress approves public forums on death penalty

  • Transparency watchdog orders information about Garcia Luna made public

  • IFE gives blessing for PT-Convergencia coalition name

  • AMLO allies secure top spots in PT-Convergencia lists

  • Newsletter, Jan. 13-20

    • January 20 newsletterWarm Calderón-Obama meeting

    • PAN Central Committee sets rules for picking candidates

    • PT bloc defects to join PRD

    • Ortiz BIS chairmanship complicates Central Bank scenario

    • ‘Failed State’ tag hits Mexico

    • Poll: Enthusiasm for Obama

    Newsletter, Jan. 6-12

    • pdf-icon-w-shadowCalderón announces new economic measures

    • Calderón and Obama meet

    • AMLO confidante takes control of Workers Party (PT)

    • 2009 starts deadly

    • Ambassadors to combat ‘failed state’ image